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Software Engineer


Ebola Virus Cellular Automata

The simulation of the spread of the Ebola virus in a Cellular Automata with accompanying visualization using C, PHP and jQuery. ⁠— ImSkully/ebola-cellular-automata

Huffman Tree Encoding

A text encoder and decoder based on huffman text compression created in Java. ⁠— ImSkully/huffman-tree-encoding

Computer Vision Fault Detection

Fault detection algorithm that determines whether a fault exists within a ring using raw computer vision written in Python. ⁠— ImSkully/python-cv-fault-detection

Peer-to-Peer FS Network

A peer-to-peer encrypted file sharing network over sockets with threading support for multiple clients made in Python. ⁠— ImSkully/python-p2p-network

PHP MySQLi Simplified

A further improved and simplified usage of the MySQLi driver achieved by using overload functions that provide simplistic usage and a shorter syntax. ⁠— ImSkully/php-mysqli-simplified

Conway's Game of Life

An implementation of the famous Conway's Game of Life in the C programming language, available in the form of a simple gist. ⁠— ImSkully/002f522af56e564dd490fdfd7d61954e

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